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We know it can be hard to find the time and energy to construct messy and sensory play activities with your kids. That's why we created Messy Monsterz, to provide inclusive play for all abilities.

At Messy Monsterz, we believe that every child deserves to experience the benefits that come from engaging in play. All of our programs and services are specifically designed to create opportunities for creative exploration, new experiences and growth by building off of a child's natural instincts!

We have designed a place for parents, grandparents and care givers to come together to play, learn & get messy with their little monsterz! All in a safe and friendly environment without worrying about the mess.

Messy Play


Let your child's imagination shine by attending one of our pop-up events. At these events, children are given the flexibility to explore their creativity through the use of various materials.

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Birthday Parties & Events

Let us deliver the most special, memorable and unique party entertainment you've ever seen! We provide fully customised themes for your birthday, private event or corporate function. 

Daycare & School incursions

We offer fun, enjoyable and educational incursions for all ages that provide interaction, engagement and curriculum based learning for your students to explore the big and little ideas of life.

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