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Messy Play
Pop-Up Events

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Our sensory messy play pop-up events ensure engagement of all 7 senses and supports different developmental milestones in children.


Through our sensory trays, your child will gain confidence in their ability to explore the world around them.
They will also advance their physical, social and emotional skills through exploration, experimentation, creativity.

What can you except in our events?

At Messy Monsterz we provide an "active learning environment", which means your little ones take the lead and are encouraged to explore and interact with the environment to create meaning and gain knowledge through their experiences, social interactions and negotiations with others. 

Our hour long events
cater for children aged 6 months

We provide multiple stations including but not limited to:

  • 4x wet messy materials to explore

  • 4x dry messy materials to stimulate their senses

  • Water Play area/Wash up area

  • A range of gross motor activities

  • A range of fine motor tools

You can also look forward to event themes inspired by books, national holidays or current events in the world. We provide support, guidance and direction so your little one can get the most of out our classes!


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