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Terms and Conditions

By engaging in our services you agree to the following Terms and Conditions

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

  • Messy Monsterz is a parent/carer inclusive program with accompanying adults agreeing to be SOLEY RESPONSIBLE for the control, care, and safety of their child/children always whilst at a Messy Monsterz activity session.

  • Activity sessions are suitable for children aged 6months (or sitting unaided) to 5 years of age.

  • All activities and materials are made with the knowledge that they are to be played with under constant parent/carer’s supervision. 

  • If a parent/carer in charge of the child/children needs to leave the venue for any reason, they must take the child/children in their care with them.

  • Messy Monsterz recommend that you dress yourself and your child/children in clothing appropriate for messy play as Messy Monsterz will not be liable for any stains or marks on yours or children’s clothes.

  • All material/products used are non-toxic and ‘taste-safe. We DO NOT use products containing, nuts, egg, dairy or soy in our activities. HOWEVER, some products used still have allergy labels warning the product "May Contain traces of" these allergens.

  • Please advise us of any food allergies before booking by contacting us directly to ensure our activity session/s are suitable for your child/children.

  • Products used within Messy Monsterz activity sessions may contain small parts and thus, requires constant supervision whilst being played with.

  • No drinks or food from outside are to be brought onto the activity tarped area due to safety and/or allergies.

  • Some stations may contain 'wet' materials which could cause the floor around them to become slippery. Please be sure to WALK carefully between stations.



  • Please do not attend the session if you or your child/children are ill and/or at risk infecting other children/parents/carers.

  • Messy Monsterz reserves the right to request a child/children leave the activity session if it is felt they are an infection risk to others.


  • Please note no refunds or transfers will be given if you have booked your child into a session that does not accommodate their age range, it is your full responsibility to ensure that the activity session is suitable for your child/children.

  • On arrival to the activity session, you will be required to sign your child in and ‘check-in’ using the QLD App or manual contact registers when you arrive.

  • Due to COVID-19 reduced venue capacities and to ensure the activity area does not become overcrowded - each ticket is valid for entry to your Messy Monsterz event for ONE child and ONE parent/carer. An additional ticket must be purchased for any additional adults wishing to attend. 

  • We are unable to provide refunds or transfers for non-attendance (this includes illness) or delayed attendance.



  • Payment is required at time of booking or within 72 hours of ‘confirmation email’ for your reserved spot/s.

  • Payment has an added booking site fee.

  • Due to hire charges, preparation and material costs, payment is non-refundable or non-changeable for missed sessions. This includes non-attendance for illness or COVID-19 related reasons.



  • Messy Monsterz may have to cancel/reschedule an activity session due to unforeseen circumstances. All participants will be contacted, and a credit voucher will be provided, if the new day/time is not suitable.


Photo Consent

  • Photos and videos will be taken during Messy Monsterz sessions and may be used for our social media (Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram) and/or our website and/or advertising material.

  • We will ask permission prior to taking photos/videos during activity sessions but please state this on your booking form and upon checking in at the beginning of the activity session.

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