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Welcome to Messy Monsterz

Where the magic of creativity and imagination come to life and your ultimate destination for a world of creative and messy adventures right here in Townsville, Queensland!

We are thrilled to offer a range of exciting services tailored to children and families in our beautiful community. From engaging incursions to unforgettable parties and captivating pop-up events, Messy Monsterz has everything you need to create magical memories.

If you're seeking hands-on learning experiences for kids in Townsville, our messy play incursions are just what you're looking for. Delighting in the beauty of art and sensory exploration, these incursions provide a fun and educational journey for children. Our talented team crafts custom sensory trays that spark imagination and foster a love for messy play, ensuring that children in Townsville have access to unforgettable experiences right in their own backyard.

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, Messy Monsterz knows how to make them truly memorable. Our messy play birthday parties in Townsville are a hit among children and parents alike, offering a unique and engaging way to celebrate. With personilsed themed kids parties and the best party entertainment, we bring the joy of messy play and imagination to every celebration. Let us handle the planning and entertainment while you sit back and enjoy the fun-filled festivities.

But the excitement doesn't end there!
Messy Monsterz takes pride in organizing pop-up events that bring the magic of messy play to families throughout the Townsville community. Immerse yourself in our sensory pop-up experiences, where children and parents can engage in interactive play events that ignite the senses. These family-friendly events showcase messy play wonderlands and sensory exploration, allowing everyone to dive into a world of creativity and wonder.

At Messy Monsterz, we believe in the power of creativity, imagination, connection and messy play. J Let the laughter, exploration, and messy fun begin!

The Messy Monsterz Team


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